1. Computer Lab.
    One student one computer with the application of the latest technology and teaching staff are competent in their field, students are expected to gain more knowledge before entering the world of work.
    Lab Bahasa
    Subjects are English language became compulsory in this laboratory.
  3. Laboratorium Biologists.
    You want to dissect animals, or test the sugar content in the body with a very simple technology, or want to know anything microbes in the water we drink or the more complicated again know the nutrition in the food we banqueting? Place here.
  4. Laboratorium Fisika.
    You want to hold or training and experimental research in scholarly. Place here. Drs Temui. John Yuswantomo crossed and you will know many things related to Physics.
  5. Laboratorium Kimia.
    In the chemistry lab you can learn the processes of chemistry and physics are applied in industry to process raw materials into finished or semi-finished. learn about thermodynamics, chemical processes, production machinery, catalysts and other. You will meet Maria Endah Karyaning Ayu, S.Pd.