Whole belong to Christ by the hand of Mary.


Salib guess Kristus (XP):
To bring life (pregnant and gave birth to life), possible only through the cross of Christ as well as the experienced Maria, the sword pierced heart.

Huruf M (Maria inisial):

The road we are to be Christ's way through Mary that contains the Word of God and bring forth life.
Sunflowerthe Blooms / Open:

Melambangkan openness and the directionality of Christ the Sun True. Maria Seperti, We also imitate him, being open and direct all life on Christ.
Leads to the true sun: open heart before God like Mary, like "womb" which received empty and filled by the power of God's life is "true daylight". Christ is the true sun at the center to absorb life.

Sunflower in the center of the cross:
The existence of our lives like Mary: ada hati Dalam Allah, hidup dalam naungan / kuasa Allah, Roh Kesuburan.

Ray flowers around the sun:
Carry / propagate the life we ‚Äč‚Äčabsorb from Christ to the world in which we live and write (Mission)

Seeds - Sunflower seeds :
Subconscious (Rahim Jiwa) which contains Word of God, seeds of divine life.

Solar rod attached to the cross:
Keterpautan / unity of the human heart to Christ like Mary.

The power of prayer that flows in the works.

Circle :

Guild Emblem (a family fraternity)

Color Yellow:

Glory and joy Easter. Inherent mystery of the Cross "pain of childbirth" : sorrow that preceded joy.

Overall Symbol Meaning :

The work of the mission under the auspices of the SPM Maria, live in the directionality, dependence and surrender completely to Christ the True Sun.

Visiting Maria Elisabeth (Lukas 1:39).

Visiting Maria Elisabeth patterns as a form of loving service to his brother Maria Elisabeth, implemented with Jesus who was conceived by the Holy Spirit.

The mystery of Mary's visit to inspire

MSS services in :

Proclaiming Christ and with Christ to save or help fellow who needs help.

Allow themselves to relate to and be guided by the Spirit to each other through the presence of Kusu, life, and the real work.

Example sensitivity of the heart in selfless service.