Founded by the Sisters of Our Lady Foundation (now: Grouping Dharmaputri) In Surabaya. Suster Lucia Dipoyono, SPM (alm). Single promoter establishment of these schools are working hard to bring his concern to see the future of the younger generation who is still uncertain at that time.

Foundation that time has managed the park TK Rini, SDK St. Angela dan SDK Stella Maris, SKKP (Princess School Skills and Skills) Stella Maris, dan SMP Katolik Stella Maris. He thought, where are they going to continue their studies to the next level? There needs to be a place for them so that they can directly After junior in high school to continue education.

Bulan Januari 1967 Stella Maris School was formally established. Barns Road susteran Kepanjen 5 Surabaya became a prime spot implementation of the learning process. First Principal appointed Mr.. R.C. Sastrosunaryo, Retired Director of State High School 3 Surabaya. Conditions are very simple when it pengelolah encourage schools to think about how its own building. With the efforts of the managers of the Foundation, within one year of Teaching eventually moved to Jalan Indrapura 32 Surabaya.

Thanks be to God, mid-November 1967, month before the new school year, school finally reach an agreement between the Parties SMAK Stella Maris with the Social Media Mess Occupants. Location by the Indonesian government finally handed over to the diocese Surabaya and further submitted to the Foundation Society of Santa Virgin Mary to serve as Facility Stella Maris Catholic High School Education. To give compensation to the occupant Mess.

The uniqueness of the place studied on the Road Indrapura 32 Surabaya is the students can learn in comfort and quiet away from the crowds as, whereas Indrapura Road is a busy road. A good arrangement of a place to study at SMAK Stella Maris to be very comfortable.

The Headmaster ever dedicate at SMAK Stella Maris:

  1. Bapak R.C. Sastrosunaryo 1967 – 1972
  2. Sr. Theresia Maryati, SPM. 1972 – 1983
  3. Bapak Peter Ratidjo, S.Pd. 1983 – 2000
  4. Sr. M. Laurentia, SPM. 2000 – 2001
  5. Sr. M. Francine Tjandrawati, SPM. 2001 – 2006
  6. Sr. M. Stefina Endang L. SPM, S.Pd. 2006 – 2012
  7. Bapak Felix Herwanjoyo, S.Pd. 2012 – 2015
  8. Drs. Antonius Riyanto 2015 –